Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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For the recent comment love, I am plugging Renessa. ♥

So I haven’t fully sat down to write out a decent blog telling you all the things that have been going in my life and what I have been doing with this site. I guess I never really mentioned about a month or two ago, I renewed My Violent Heart for another year as much as I don’t do as much as I’d like with it. I have been trying to fully switch over to WordPress for my sub pages, which is coming along, I haven’t got much more to switch over without wanting to re-do some of the resources I did have available. I did leave a link for the old resources and designs that I had up forever. I went through all my affiliate links on the exit page and deleted any that didn’t work, so if we were affiliates and you’ve stopped by and do not see your link, you were deleted because I had already had a few labeled inactive, just didn’t end up going through them all until tonight. Just let me know if I need to add anyone back and I will.

Besides all that, Liam and I are doing well. He’s learning and growing up so fast. I’ve been on a active job search for employment. I’d like to finally have my own place with him because there is not enough room for us at my dad’s, it’s just too damn small. Been trying to enjoy summer with Liam as much as I can also and taking him out more to do “the fun stuff” that I had complained I never got to do because I have him all the time. Just seemed like he has way more fun hanging out with dad than coming home to mom and not doing much or having anyone to play with. Slowly, but surely I am picking up all the pieces and putting them together and trying to regain some order.

And something I have to look forward to next month is Minnesota State Fair with my dad. On August 27th, we are going to see Def Leppard with special guests Styx and Tesla.

And to jazz up my recent post, here is some visual eye candy… a more recent photo of myself from about a month ago:


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

lovin’ your hair colours!! so pretty ^^

Thursday, August 20, 2015

I’m happy you renewed your site! Whenever I take a break from mine it’s inevitable that I’ll miss it & eventually come back. & you know what, that sounds kind of shi++y.. but it makes perfect sense. Don’t get down on yourself about having to actually parent while your sons dad just has to babysit, more or less. See the difference? If you have him all the time then yes, there’s not too much time to go off and play and spend money! I empathize with you, but keep your chin up and have fun at the concert ^~^ ✌

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Oh and you’re one hot mama.. your hair is so pretty! Wish I had the ba!!s to color mine c:

Friday, August 28, 2015

WordPress is such a bitch to convert to, I spent my whole day at the office converting some shitty ass site to wordpress. Oh my god, I wanted to die.

How’s the employment search coming along? Hope you get something that pays good and doesn’t overwork you. Your own place sounds so amazing, you must share pictures!! and Def Leppard and Styx? #sojelly

PS. Agreeing with Chazz, that hair is fiiiiine. ♥♥♥





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